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Some makers have an utmost love for  "absurdity" that they want to proclaim it in each and every scene of the movie. That absurdity was well received in "Soodhu kavvum" where absurdity was tangled around a bizarre abduction incident, absurdity had a lukewarm welcome in "Moodar koodam" where it was tangled around a hostage incident, recently we had witnessed "144" but it wasn't appreciated.

In gross, we used to place them under a blanket terminology "black/dark comedy", but this genre's pioneer Pushkar - Gayathri faced a wash out in both of their movies. So, a dark comedy wouldn't click always unless it's grounded with some contemporary issues..even Kamal haasan flattened in Mumbai express handling this genre.

Coming to JIL JUNG JUCK, the movie is a blatant form of black comedy filled with absurdity and quirkiness...the names like "Rolex Rauther", marundhu, pai, attack, Dr. Kottalakal (there is a absurd usage of his name too) are typical for the genre. "Cheer girls" is a name for torture evoking ants. There are lot of "tongue in the cheek" counters and one liners which can be understood only by "blue" minded persons. "Ulaga cinema", "Ugandese" dialogue and , "hara hara mahadevaki" modulation.

But are they enough to knead the plot and make it interesting?? The makers had tremendous confidence in their defacto comedy chirps, that they never had bothered about a vast segment of audience who remain ignorant what these chirps are about. This movie is intended only for a fractional population, an urban black comedy lovers with a quirky mind.

Interestingly the music director, editor and DOP are the ones who had given 100% of their work to uplift the genre. BGM and tone of the movie screams "hey you are seeing a dark comedy movie man!!!"...who would rather intend to use a carnatic score in a serious action encounter scene??

The film believes in " butterfly effect of chaos " whereby they highlight the fact that, whatsoever happening in the movie shouldn't demand logical explanation. Right from the first quirky plot point of the movie till the climax (where they triplicate the end and then converge) you should not judge it.

If you are ridiculous enough to the petty tickles in the movie, if you are satisfied enough with that and never bother about the absurd ongoing on the screen, this movie rejoices you in parts.but it is not a vivacious attempt to make a total entertainer. Dheeraj vaidhy turns unfortunately to be the next Pushkar- Gayathri.

Verdict: an absurd comedy working in parts

Rating : 2.5/5

Review byDinesh

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