Kaadhalum Kadanthu Pogum Review - An Okayish RomCom

The movie is an official remake of a typical Korean movie, so it moves it its own pace sans quirky turns or overloaded emotions of a Tamil movie. This is both the plus and minus of the movie. The lethargic pace in the first half may help us to fit into the shoes of Yazhini and Kathir, an engineering graduate seeking a job and a "thathi" henchman. Both are not high profile flyers in their own fields. Both are loners for different reasons. Both seek a redemption in their lives, one in the form of a job and other in the form of BAR license.

What happens when these both come together in tandem?? This is the one line.. An age old template love story where opposite poles should(??!!) attract, which seldom happens in reality. But the director, Nalan, who gave a path breaking Soodhu Kavvum, gets entangled here. He shouldn't spoil the soul of Korean films involving lengthy conversations, slow paced screenplay and on the other hand he should cater a movie quenching Tamil cinema fundamentals. The critics expected a different platter from him. This pivot slips in execution.

The first half, was pretty interesting. The family of Yazhini is one closer to reality. Her father as she says is a soft TV serial type Dad. On other hand, the group kathir is working for is a mellowed down one. In fact Kathir himself is not a typical cold blooded henchman... He receive blows instead. But for that, the subplot was dragging.

All these details are kept out of focus. We see only Yazhini - Kathir most of the times. If it would have been Mani ratnam or GVM or selvaraghavan they would have punched in their own way. But we are watching a Korean remake, so all goes smoothly..

At this point, the director would have had a doubt lingering...whether this unidirectional flick would be received well by Tamil audience?? This is where the movie slips down and travel in a clichéd, not so real, turns filled path. This can be expected from a debutant director. But if this was from a prominent new wave director, it makes us tired. It is a typical 90 s movie thereafter..

I loved Vijay Sethupathi a lot in this movie. He shoulders the role in a "I don't pretend - I simply live" pattern...some expressions are stereotypical but nevertheless rejoicing..the interview scene and confronting Yazhini s father are notable on his part...Madonna plays her role within prescribed arc..

If u seek moments as in ROM com movie or if you expect a fast going generic drama or if you expect something new...this movie night not satisfy..but this is a movie which you can watch at ease, as if watching a star filled sky at night. But is this what expected from Nalan??

Verdict:  An Okayish RomCom
Rating: 3.5/5

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