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1. Some movies gives you the bitter most reality of the society that on seeing those movies, we gotta feel the "insecureness of the society" in which we live. They trash the last ray of hope too that we had sustained in our life..does the system meant to protect us really protect us??? If so, is there any egalitarianism prevailing in that system?? When do we get victimized by that system itself?? What happens when we turn prey to that system?? This movie raises all these questions as if slapping in our face. Dire black movie.

2. We have seen POLICE in various forms. Right from omnipotent "singam" to sirippu police.. But what are they in reality?? Are they independent in taking any action or are they mere watch dogs of bureaucracy??

3. We just scan through small news columns addressing " 4 men caught in a robbery case ", " 3 men shot dead in an encounter". What is the black prequels of those columns??

Vetrimaran is a crafty film maker who also has strong insight of the society. This makes his presence visible in many scenes of the movie. In a sequence where Pandi and co were made to cleanse the station there is an announcement keep on relaying in the background regarding the do's and don't s for ayudha pooja.

The movie moves in the point of view of Pandi who had been snatched up in a suspect case. He has confusion for what he has been snatched and beaten black and blue..the same confusion is conveyed to us by the non-linear narration.. The next half an hour moves as a deep hell for them. We just hear lathi sounds and screaming sounds. The sound design was such that we feel the intense torture unbearable. The aftermath of torture episodes makes us writh in pain. Like a horror movie where we are placed in a position awaiting the ghost, here we await for strikes, beats and torture.

Once the episode winds up and they are freed, they get trapped seemingly in another chaos. The rest, i save it for those who intend to watch it on screen.

The protagonists, here belong to marginalized sector of the society, who work in menial jobs in Andhra. The "system" tosses them to predate in a burglary case. They need a XYZ, to show off, so they force them to agree. Just a random person named as Afzal is enough for the POLICE to victimize him and his friends too. That's how the "system" solves 35% of the cases.

In second half, we get introduced to another victim who falls prey to high profile "system". He is a trump card in party wants him to confess, other party wants him screwed. What happens next and how the protagonists get entangled in the  "sabotage of system" is the plot.

The director wants to strike the root of the jargon " POLICE is your friend". He had created POLICE with different shades and faces to throw light on their unwarranted system. We have a policeman, who distributes prasadham and trashes in the next scene just because the "system" forces him to produce the accused in 3 days. We have another policeman who speaks softly to make them agree. We have Muthuvel, who despite being ethical, is forced to sacrifice the scapegoats. We have a policeman, who squeezes the person who made her daughter a doctor, for his benefit. We have a policeman who speaks philosophy "each life has a purpose so as death". But all have a common objective, to screw the scapegoats to save their skin.

The editing (late TE Kishore) is as crisp segueing the events to its finest. So as cinematography. But all fall in place, by the neatly woven script. This movie is not for all, but if you love watching realistic cinema, you should not miss this out.

Verdict: A realistic, genuine venture on the system maliciousness

Rate: 4.25/5

- Dinesh

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