Pugazh Tamil Movie Review

March 22, 2016 , , 0 Comments

"Maran's" school of directors have a common game plan. Their heroes are well grounded person, with a realistic arc, a neighborhood love and life-like sidekicks. They accidentally get involved in a mess usually involving big shots or politicians which keep their normal life in question. They react to it to fetch the ease of mind.(after watching movies right from polladhavan to pugazh, I can etch out their common mechanics of writing)

Also, there is an inanimate object, may it be a pulsar bike in polladhavan or a ground here to which the protagonist is tight bonded with emotional strings.

With the points said above, one can guess the basic plot of this movie "Pugazh". Yes, here Jai is the protagonist (he is not a mere bog next door, but an angry young man who boils at wrong things) and the movie revolves round a "ground".

Mani Maran writes the movie with 3 well written characters, their arcs and their interaction with the protagonist.

1. One is a communist ideology filled uncle of Jai, who preaches the messages the director wants the director to perceive.. But the director had a doubt whether we can get it..so put everything in dialogues... Make things explicit to the core.
2. An opportunist friend, who sinks in debts and when aided with a post, tries to corrupt his soul..his character is the skeleton for the first half
3. An excellent character of Karunas, Jai s brother...he gives the soul to the character with his dramatic acting skills which appears much natural

Till the first half, everything goes well. The writing is realistic, we straighten up our spine expecting a movie like "Madras". But things get messy then. The director now possesses a conflict in his mind. How to propel the plot?? To continue the realistic narration or go cinematical?

He aborts the evolution of the plot, he leaves everything which worked out well since then and makes the movie an unrealistic - mass hero type masala venture.

This leaves us, especially after the tiring climax fight, with a feel that we have witnessed an yet another hero narrative film..all the screenplay devices he had wisely handled till then fumbles, or we don't mind them.

Lack of consistency in writing and a hyper realistic way to end the movie turns the real villains for an other wise good flick..the same way how Vetri maran ends in polladhavan.

I think the Maran's school should reconsider their formulaic writing especially in second half. It really dampens their hard work.

Verdict: A good political drama goofed up by dramatic end

Rating: 3/5

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