24 Movie Review

Despite few shortcomings, this movie is a welcome gesture from Surya. When other mainstream heroes restrict themselves to "formulaic" films considering the mammoth money spinning around them, considering their need to satisfy their ardent fans, considering the profit they need to make for all involved in film distribution, Surya has invested his money in an experimental genre and his utmost efforts too.

In a movie falling between sci Fi and fantasy, the introduction inciting incident should be around the invention of the device, right?? Here it is. Surya, enacting the role of Sethuraman, who is nerdy and cowardly and other Surya, who is Athreya, overdoing the villainic gestures fight for that.

The device has to reach other Surya. Manikandan who is a routine romance seeking hero. The director overuses the factor of "coincidences" to make the plot point. Till this the movie was fantabulous.

Things get messy, when the director suddenly drifts the trajectory in a love track. It annoys us, it dampens the flow and swallows enough time which could have been otherwise used to show the enmity between Athreya and Sethuraman or the pursuit of Athreya for Manikandan.

Even the directors who have enough potential like Vikram Kumar, could not skip the romantic side track and make the hero using the device for a monotonous episode. Things get interesting again when Athreya reaches the device and interval point.

He compensates well in the last half hour of the film. Till then he uses bits like vow of Samantha s family and showing maternal gush of Saranya.

All the three roles need justification, and Surya does it. Especially when he is a chair ridden mass fuming with incapability, frustration and vengeance, he is extravagant.

Many compare 24 with "Indru Netru Naalai" as both revolves around a device which can travel time. That movie is a low budget, low key star vehicle which can strictly fit itself to Blake Snyder s beat sheet. There isn't any need for a protruding romantic track or songs. This made its screenplay appealing and gripping. 24 is a high key star vehicle which requires all these. The director has to keep in mind all the sectors of audience. So he keeps the key concepts for an hour or so.

Vikram Kumar deserves appreciation to fit a mainstream hero in a high concept movie like this. The cinematographer Thiru  makes this movie a lesson, on how visuals can be framed, tone and shades can be used to show the mood of the movie.

The movie demands intelligence and correlation from a viewer. If not, some of scenes will leave a casual movie viewer perplexed. This factor can disrupt the movie in B and C areas.

Nevertheless, its a worthy intelligent script, the sort of which should be tried by all mainstream heroes.

Rating : 3.5/5

- Dinesh (https://www.facebook.com/dinesh.88560)

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