Five reasons why we should not miss Uthiripookal movie

October 19, 2017 , 0 Comments

Uthiripookal written and directed by Mahendran is still considered to be one of the best movies in Tamil cinema history. The family drama Uthiripookal did not have a huge star cast but made its way to prove the excellence in Tamil cinema. The story is basically inspired by a short story Chitrannai written by famous Tamil short story writer Pudhumaipithan. Vijayan, Ashwini, Madhumalini and Charu Hassan were featured in the lead roles and Ilaiyaraja scored music for Uthiripookal. Let us know why this movie should be watched at least once in our life time.


5) Plight of a woman:

As the world is filled with men it is also filled with women. There were times when women were not even considered to be a living thing in our society and every woman was disgraced by their husbands, fathers or brothers for just being a women. Though time has now changed and woman are also treated fairly, but still our society does impose various restrictions to make women’s life complicated and not letting them to their free will. Such is the situation now, the Lakshmi’s character in Uthiripookal portrayed as an average woman surviving with two kids and a torturous husband becomes an eye opener to this society. Her silence in the movie sang thousand sad songs to the audiences that every woman sings to their pillows every night even now. Lakshmi the female lead character showcased the painful patience that our wives, mothers and sisters take up just because they are asked and forced to take up such pain. There are lots of such Lakshmi’s around us who neither can utter a single word on their miserable life nor come out of it.

4) Aestheticization of the film:

Uthiripookal happens in a village of Tamil Nadu. Director Mahendran’s aesthetic eye captured the beauty of the village and showed us the rustic beauty of nature in the opening scenes. Mahendran is an expert in aestheticization, his visuals are realistic and the human faces are tremendously expressive when he visualizes a scene. His characters in Uthiripookal did not wear make up or did not appear in gaudy dresses. All characters appeared simple but even then his visuals were beautiful like an oil painting. Mahnedran with cinematographer Ashok Kumar has done many miracles but Uthiripookal is an outstanding work together.

3) Music the soul of life:

Every movie made get its life from music and Ilaiyaraja has been the soul and has given for many movies in the late 70’s and the 80’s. He did not miss to enhance the mood of this movie. Keeping the melody songs aside the background score for this movie will be heart-wrenching. Whatever mood Mahendran had thought to convey to the audiences was conveyed visually but the impact of the mood was created by Ilaiyaraja’s background score. Let it be the antagonist's (Vijayan) vicious plan or Lakshmi’s miseries the impact of the visuals will be felt by us, by Raja’s heart-wrenching background score. Ilaiyaraja did not fill up with his music and showcased his genius music mind rather he opted silence and live sound for creating the impact of the visuals and showcased his music intelligence.

2) Metaphors never meant to pinch:

Metaphors are always seen in our Tamil cinema since ages and there have been many ace directors who have explained very complex emotions of the story through metaphors. But, we should say Mahendran is the best to make use of this metaphor technique in Tamil cinema. Through out the movie (Uthiripookal) there were many metaphors to explain the charaters, emotions of the characters and situations of the character, but the best of all was towards the end when Madhumalini demands for her sister’s children as her sister died from his torture. And, Vijayan tries to spoil the marriage of Madhumalini by ripping off her clothes. At the same time, fiancé of Madhumalini in the movie, rips the leaves and stem of a flower, leaves the flower untouched and waits for his fiancé Madhumalini. This metaphor explains that Vijayan rips her clothes and leaves her untouched. The comparison of the conscience of a good man and a bad man using this metaphor is still unimaginable.

1) Climax of the century

Every movie’s success or failure is majorly decided by the impact it makes on the audiences in the climax. Without any doubt or second thought Uthiripookal climax is the climax of the century. A bad man lives his entire life tormenting good people but at the end the good people become bad and the bad man repents for making the good people bad and he becomes a good man. But, people don’t show mercy towards him, punish him to death. Though he was the bad man in the entire movie his death becomes tragic to the audiences and we sympathise him. The success of the writer Mahendran is established when we as an audience sympathy the bad man when he regrets his mistakes. As a writer and storyteller Mahendran proves his ability in Uthiripookal climax.

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