Miruthan Review

Finally the movie which acclaimed it as the first ever ZOMBIE movie of kollywood. And the movie is crisp enough to fit into a Hollywood type of screenwriting. The movie starts with an inciting incident and gets into a near normal life of the protagonist. But the maker keeps this portion as  short, that our set mood is not flipped.

After that all you would see is group of ZOMBIEs jumping and leaping, trotting behind normal persons with an intention to "bite" them. A cohort tries to escape from them. The movie rolls.

This chase gets pepped up by few inflicted incidents. None fits logically. A team rush to find the vaccine but lands up finding a different "elixir", a doctor who had a scratch have a prolonged incubation period, suddenly a doctor cones with a solution that zombies are hydrophobic, another idea that some individuals are immune to ZOMBIE virus attack.

The director takes everything for granted. 90% can turn rage in a fraction of second and can be shot at their head...but as mentioned above, some have a different incubation period. None can answer how many magazines jayam Ravi would have fired. Everlasting supply of bullets.

But the movie is engaging, the director pumps melodramatic scenes where he intends to make us  emotionally filled and connected. Some goes overboard. Especially the climax sequence.

Jayam Ravi does his justification to the role as he had done in his earlier movies. D Imman's BGM elates the mood of the film in desired  places.

Overall, the movie clears the mark, being a first ZOMBIE attempt in kollywood But can't score high as well owing to some logical burrows and melodramatic intrusions..

Verdict: A fair enough ZOMBIE day out

Rating: 3.5/5

Review by: Dinesh

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