Theri Movie Review

April 14, 2016 , , , 0 Comments

Doing movies for mass heroes in one sense is easy. If you catch 4-5 scenes which can evoke a virtual orgasm in fans of the star or if you make 3-4 centiment loaded scenes which evoke common audience sympathy or if you make 3-4 feel good romantic scenes which can elate the mood of youngsters, then the movie works. Atlee knows this proportion and thereby wrote Theri.

On the other hand, handling the movies of mass heroes is difficult. You need to balance the flow of the plot and enshrine the hero in available hiatus. At one point, you tend to lose the focus in the plot and start bothering of the runtime. Unfortunately, Atlee faces this two especially in the last 45 minutes of the movie which make us feel tired.

But, Vijay shoulders the movie to the core. He emotes, rather has tried to emote to the core. I loved the body language of Joseph kuruvilla...A intimidated form of normal vijay. Next is him as a lover. A scene where he exchanges visual signals in a baby shower function is pretty awesome. If he comes out of templates rather if he is used up nicely by a director, he shines in a radiant manner. Atlee showcases him, his traits, his pluses to the maximum. By this he tend to cover up the pitfalls in his writing.

A bit overdone but the part which works out well for the masses is the usage of children to milk out emotions. May it be children begging at signals, a boy having chocolate at a peak time, a boy arguing with Vijay and to cap all. Nainika....I love the kid who gave her voice... Lovely..

Mahendran in contrast to the hype given is offered with a defective role. How tough a villain role should have been made with a person like this?? But it is weak and formulaic.

Finally, the movie could have been much better.. But Atlee places his fingers in all possible pies to satisfy everyone in the theatre. It works out well in the racing first half and drips down in the last minutes. Had he given the same meticulous effort as in the first half scenes, the movie would have turned massive.

Nevertheless, he has scenes to quench vijay fans, to milk emotions in family audience.. If he join with vijay for the next time, he should write an exclusive family drama or rom com for him. That's where he made him shine out.

Verdict: An average venture propelled by mass factor.

Rating : 3.5/5

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