Bangalore Naatkal Review

But for casting, the screenplay, shots and the rhythm of the movie is mostly unaltered so that we get the same feel as Bangalore days gave to us.

The movie defines emotions to the core and relations to its finest form. Most multi star films have their leads as friends, but considering the fact they have to be shown as close as possible in a semi conservative society, they are cousins here. The story shows the transformation of all of them in Bangalore.

Ammu is a girl, who sacrificed her dreams and nods for marriage to a nerdy introvert. Despite, reaching her dream destination Bangalore she leads a gloomy life. Her cousins paint her life with all fun an joy. All the characters get transformed towards the end.

Love of kannan ( kutty), love of Arjun, guilt of Shivaprakash "suffocating pain" krishnan s father has all are addressed in a seemingly "feel good" manner.  It is power of Anjali Menon's screenplay that merges all the threads into a blissful "feel good" drama.

Some of the characters are seemingly "Mollywood" clichéd. Why kannan's father leaves home and goes to Goa?? The subtle line regarding Arjun's parents and the "transformation" kannan's mother pose after reaching Bangalore can be understood only if you have a "mallu" tinge in you, at least in taste.

The movie says one thing loudly. In life everything bud, blossom, flower up and wither down. Every relationships transform but for few. So love each moment in your life..

Further, it shows how CITY life can free up minds of some like kannan's mother. Its a place where archaic minds crave for modernism and modern minds seek cultural resort..

A feature of the movie which will alienate major segment of B and C audience is its "marked slowness" in narration. The first half moves in establishing all characters with almost no twists and filled with more urbanism. To say, the movie flows like a river but for twist regarding Shivadas and the final bike race.

If you are a "feel good" movie lover and haven't watched the original version, this movie will suffice. But for those who had watched in malayalam, its difficult to erase the characters from your mind and fit new ones, further you know the flow of the movie, which will dampen the feel goodie emotion..

Verdict: An optimal remake, making a first time watcher feel good.
Rating: 2.75/5

- Dinesh

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