Irudhi Suttru (Saala Khadoos) Review

I. "Boxing" is always considered a tailored game for cinema as it involves ferociousness, one to one confrontation, rise - fall emotional ride and affixing to audience pulse we often get movies grounded on "boxing"...this movie couples boxing with feminism ride and ego clashes making it realistic in its major part excluding certain cinematic upheaval moments.

II. The movie involves three ego battles

1. The hate - love ( I prefer the word love rather than masterly affection or gratitude taking into consideration the leap Rithika Singh makes on the closing shot ;) )relationship between a venom tongued boxing coach and a ferocious tigress he rears to quench his ego

2. The clash of ego between sisters, out of which one can go to an extent of injuring other purposefully to halt the growth..she feels, she had been deprived of better coaching just because of her sister..this thread sounds fresh

3. The EGO rivalry between the head coach and Madhavan.... a cinematic hook spot..

But these EGO clashes are etched out with blood and flesh that we feel the emotional ride and the arc imbibe us too..songs are placed to highlight these emotion to us and not as distractions..

III. Madhavan brings out his best possible body language and disdainful dialogue delivery in the movie..the way he attends the enquiry session, the way he deals Rithika in the first boxing class, his disgraceful ring side discipline all makes his character the coarser and rougher form of what Sharukh did in "chak de India" a debutant can uphold this hefty body language?? The scene, where she stand in the corner of the ring after punching the referee is enough to make her visiting card, to follow, the scene where she confronts her sister with deception...furious acting and nuance filled body language...that's it..

I liked the junior coach character (Nasser) after the two...Even if this character is a nugget to the veteran, he cruises it in ease...

IV. The above said contents are packed tightly like staking ironed clothes in a bag by the technical department

1. Screenplay:  well, its a EGO trip movie, you need to establish the emotional connectivity with audience, tell the prologue of individuals, make them CONFRONT, wrap it should be done in < 2 hours..that's the crispness of the screenplay...a scene where Madhavan has to narrate his personal life was cut in a way that we know the emotional residue in him... Consider the yesteryear movies where a flashback would have been intruded then..

A reference to Ghengis khan, made as a passer by is judiciously stitched in the final knock...that's the level of perfection a hyperlink screenwriting should be..

2. Editing, cinematography and raw re recording makes the movie intense, slick and enhances the mood of the narrative...

V. The movie doesn't speak something novel, it just slickly narrates a emotional boxing ride, in a skilful takes sometime to get acquainted with the dialogue, which sounds overboard to some extent, but that intensity is needed for an emotional drama like this..

I wondered how a fair skinned girl would get incorporated in a role ( in Tamil, a north Madras fishergirl) like this...I hoped the movie will sound like a horribly lip synced bi lingual... But all the loose threads were tied with reasons..

Verdict: A taut well crafted EGO ride
Rating: 3.75/5

- Dinesh

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