Rajini Murugan Review

Review by: Dinesh

Some actors have a "run on the wheel" period in their career, during which they either get good flicks off board or have their color filled product released during festive seasons..Sivakarthikeyan is in such a period..to say, the scripts chose him and he do justice to those..

Genre: Comedy, Director: Ponram, Cast: Sivakarthikeyan, Keerthy Suresh, Soori, Samuthirakani
Festive season releases are way different from ordinary seasons..the audience want their euphoric state to get amplified on watching a movie rather than watching a unconventional plot...so, commercial potboilers make "merry go ride" if they quench the appetite of the audience..

Rajini murugan is such a commercial potboiler where director Ponram, gives you a palatable "pongal" with right proportions of sweetness...sweetness here is the comedy which works out in most of the places..the story revolves around a prototype "maduraikaaran", his drive for childhood love, his objective to save his grandfather's house..sounds familiar??...of course, it is one of the "n"th "madura" movie..

The director knows this fact well, so he had improvised the punish plot with  interesting character details..a person who often conducts get together function for collection, a rude lawyer who is a Rajnikanth fanatic and advises his daughter with cinema dialogues and so...I felt a bit more footage could have been allotted to this sparkles..
One more authentic factor that works out well is the "outside court panchayats" which are portrayed with near  perfection and this keeps the second half "alive"... Even Soori, a near exploited comedian, is used well..that is, he seldom irritates us as his recent movies..

If I hadn't mentioned about the " to be " dream girl, Keerthi Suresh, I go half done..Even this is not her debut movie, this movie moves her close to the hearts of 1 crore young chaps (i am one of them) going to watch the movie..her character is not that worthy, but Balasubramaniam s camera elates her expressions so high...he highlights her eyes and  her smile during its early eruption....she dance with grace, a shot amidst, " UN mela oru kannu" song where she twinkles her single eye, and say "verum mannu" is a delight to watch...she will go places..

What more a movie can have to conceal its thin story line and a mediocre screenplay?? Who bother these amidst enjoyable songs and comedy clippings?? It fills you with joy when you leave the screen...that's what the crew aimed at..that's what an average viewer expects...

Rating : 3.0

- Dinesh

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