Kathakali Review

Review by: Dinesh

Pandiraj always make us wonder..how he directs movies on unrelated grounds consecutively in short spans..pasanga was different from vamsam which was indeed different from Marina and kedi billa killadi ranga..he is like a chef who boils rasam in a pan, empties it, make hakka noodles next, empties it, make halwa and so..for him the pan should not be empty...considering makers like Bala, GVM and Selvaragahavan who can't make a movie not resembling others, pandiraj is highly "plastic"..

Kathakali is a movie which revolves around a murder of a baddie and the suspicion regarding " who would have done it??"...like suseenthran movies the protagonist is amalgamated to his middle class family, his troubles chase them too, he is in a deep soup, at the core of which he rise to save his skin..he has a love story too which appears dissociated from the main story..

B story : (love portion)
We can't expect makers like Pandiraj or Suseenthran to cater an "Hollywood" pattern commercial where the story seldom skips its trajectory... Its risky commercially...so to pacify the variety seeking audience, make the protagonist love..this will occupy 45 minutes of the script...how to make it different?? Now the directors aim at "random cell phone loves".. Where two persons getting connected oddly, fall in tandem love thereafter.. Spice it up with counter dialogues from a comedian, contemporary ideas like spoofing the songs of " kalpana"..but on a different note, will a girl fall in love with a guy who stalks her and asks for a dozen of condemns in her pharmacy so easily??oh..45 minutes is over...I have to go back to main plot....murder takes place..

Main story:
After the dull love track, we get a fairly logical thriller..the chase of the suspects is narrated with an impending pressure piling up in us..I am not that inquisitive to leave a spoiler here..some suspects are added just to divert us...except for sudoku solving headers, others would  keep guessing on who is the murderer....if you know the answer prior hand, better don't watch the movie..

The cinematography is explicitly awesome... Especially the rainy nights in sodium vapour lamps...Balasubramaniam is the DOP... As plastic the maker, so as the DOP..

The heroine speaks in a intentionally childish note..the movie as such is an advertisement to Samsung Galaxy which Vishal use,use and keep on using with such an everlasting battery..

The movie is a  definite watchable thriller with near logical perfection.

   Verdict: A fairly logical thriller.
Rating : 3.0/5
Review by: Dinesh
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