Gethu Movie Review

Review by: Dinesh

How to spoil an average thriller festooned with scintillating visuals?? Director of the movie Thirukumaran is the right person to answer..his aim is big...he designed his hero who despite being a librarian can knockout a sniper assassin with his fists, to save ISRO chief Kamaal (A cinematic version of Dr.Kalam)...His hero despite lacking macho power never gets a brutal hit from any of the 25 odd persons in 2-3 fight sequences..His heroine despite being a foreigner (in reality) hails from an Iyengar household..uff..the movie is way out different from reality with least possible logic.

The film is filled with best possible photographic shots...for this alone, they had selected a dream hill station with a beautiful falls and greenery all around...Sukumar's camera is damn an extent, he keeps lot of slo-mo shots where Udhayanidhi slowly turns with a ferocious look ( don't laugh) either after hitting or before hitting an opponent..Udhayanidhi is indebted to the cinematographer to the core for his painstaking efforts to show him atleast... as an action hero..yes it is the hero's debut action venture.

None of the scenes are crafted, the romance scenes nullify the absence of a separate comedy track, the screenplay is lame, unfocused and it seldom grips us...the director should have spent atleast half of his efforts put towards creating visuals, in these areas..alas,all his efforts had gone in vain.

Vikraanth, comes and goes with a theme music...a howling noise..and does nothing..but for one song. all the others are either misplaced or unnecessary.

Rating : 1.5/5

Review by: Dinesh
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