Aranmanai 2 Review

January 31, 2016 , , , , 0 Comments

Sequels or franchise in broader term may involve two different branches from a common stem or even the same problem in different atmos.. But when a movie is mere replicated in the same atmos what you get is aranmanai cannot be said as clichéd, stereotyped or formulaic as other is mere a sequel, you can have déjà vu feel with perspective to some scenes which serve as links between two stories or traces of the prequel, but here you seldom feel you are watching yet another is like a complimentary strand of DNA, running in same 3'-5' direction without even changing its course..

A haunted palace where a  ghost frequent and hooks an insider, ghost being visible only to the eyes of a child, entry of the persons, entry of a said savior (as rajini did in chandramukhi and same Sundar c did in aranmanai), a plot point clueing the plight of the ghost, segueing of flash back, clash of powers and the end... Nothing has expect a black ambiguous shadow to appear, it appears... You expect a person going air blown, he does expect the ghost needs a person s physique to get embodied, it does so... Every scene is conveyed via dialogues prior hand, for the fact that the director doesn't want even a kid to think a bit...

Stuff like comedy ( which seldom works out ), a bikini song, a saree drop, navel show (lesser than previous version), an irritating one side love track between Soori and kovai sarala, troubling songs are packed considering the commercial mileage and for pulling the uncouthly plot to a little more than 2 hours..

Its not a bad job to recreate commercially selling things..BUT what USP has been added?? What are the new scopes in an old script?? How conflicts can be stirred in a better way?? How to make a valuable entertainer for the audience??? Matters...

The movie leaves us unanswered regarding these questions...its like  saying, "I had reaped money in previous version of this...why not I sell the same stuff and reap money again??"

Verdict: Nothing but sheer repetition


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