Saintunes honors Women with their special song

March 07, 2017 0 Comments

Saintunes Studios have found a unique way to celebrate International Women’s day.  International Women’s day is celebrated tomorrow (March 8) all over the world to celebrate, respect and appreciate Women on their achievements.

R Kumar Narayanan of Saintunes has composed a special number titled ‘Enadhu Iniya’ crooned by M M Manasi and lyrics written by K R Dharan, to celebrate Women on Women’s day. The song is composed in order to convey that Women and Men are equal in all terms in the society.

The song also aims to eliminate the male chauvinistic society and not to judge a woman based on her thoughts, clothing or through her lifestyle. Men need to listen to Women as a friend to know her thoughts and let women to enjoy their freedom and their association in all circumstances in the world.

Celebrate Women and Womanhood in walks of your life. For more exciting updates, Stay tuned to WoodsDeck.